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Up early, working with the crew today and tomorrow because they need a welder. And I am on call this weekend for emergencies and furnace repairs, so the next couple days will be quite busy.  Still working overtime every day.   Need to find time to take care of a few things here at home.     My ex-wife called me a few days ago, upset because our kids hadn't called or texted her.  I asked them to call her, I didn't know they hadn't been talking with her.   My dad is in hospice, the doctors expect him to go any day.  My parents split up when I was very young, I was never really close with my dad. About twenty years ago, I let him live with us for a few months, he was out of work, and I thought we could develop a relationship. It didn't work out like I had hoped.  My older brother has been taking care of him for many years, finally had to put him in supervised care a few months ago, due to alzheimers.    My kids have really stepped up since their mother moved away, I am proud of them. The house is always clean, dishes always done. They have been hanging out together a lot, not hiding in their rooms. Got home from work the other night to the smell of fresh gingerbread cookies. They all seem happy.  I am glad.

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