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Had a great Thanksgiving. Got along fine with my former in-laws, had some good food, and even though the Lions lost, it was a good game to watch.     My ex-wife is now living in Colorado with her new boyfriend. I wish her happiness.  I know I am happier already.     Since we separated about 3 years ago, I have provided her with a home, transportation, food, utilities, gifts, and a weekly stipend, none of which was required of me. This month alone I have given her a car and more than $5,500 cash. My savings and checking accounts are both empty.  I figured I would get a "thank you" when she left, but I didn't even get a "good bye". She left while I was sleeping. She did tell our daughters goodbye, they were awake when she left at 3am, but she did not wake our son. He is feeling a little hurt by that. The following evening we found notes on the refrigerator, one for my son, one for me. Mine just said Thanks for everything, see ya.  Just as sentimental as she ever was.  Anyway, this chapter of my life is now closed, ready to start a new one.  Still working overtime every day, may be working every Saturday and Sunday up to Christmas. I may have to take a weekend off, depends on how worn out I get.

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Posted on 01:57AM on Dec 2nd, 2012
well..the end for now of that chapter, huh? You are always amazingly calm about what she has done..or hasn't done. Wish you all the best with totally moving on now.
Posted on 09:48PM on Dec 2nd, 2012
Thank you.
Posted on 05:09PM on Dec 17th, 2012
wonderful!! ready to hear about all the new chapters in your life!!
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