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85 hours last week. But I finally had a day off on Monday. Spent the whole day out, running errands and shopping. Bought winter clothes for my kids and ex-wife, took everyone to lunch, bought groceries.     Thanksgiving will be the last holiday my ex will be with us, she asked me if her parents could come.  I am still very angry about the way they tried to get their daughter to screw me over in the divorce. If she had done what they advised, their grandkids would not have a home right now.  And I hear they loved each of her boyfriends that they met, went to see their bands play, raved about what nice guys they all were. And I am just the stick in the mud who works all the time and pays everyone's bills.   But it is important for my kids to spend time with them, so I will be nice.      I am eagerly anticipating being able to finally feel divorced.  It has not been easy sharing the house with my ex, but I was glad to do it. Even though she had her separate living quarters, and had boyfriends stay with her, our friends seem think I am still attached to her.   I'm sure it's just because I haven't developed a social life yet.    My ex will be moving in a little over a week, then I will start my new life.  I will try to stop working so much, go out occasionally, and get some things done at home.        I am trying to decide what to do about the vanity top in my main bathroom. I have picked out a natural quartz top, with a cool basin sink and high-rise faucet, but I think I may feel guilty for spending so much on it, when there are things my kids want. I could go cheaper, but I would really like a really nice sink in there.  I must decide soon, I want to place my order in a few days so I can install it Thanksgiving weekend.  

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